Acknowledgement:     GiggleCare offers deepest respect to the Guringai people, their elders past and present, the traditional owners                                                                               of this land, on which we today stand together in complete modesty and solidarity.

                                   Purpose:     Our purpose and philosophy evolve from our vision to create a simple place where everything happens for a                                                                                 single reason – to foster happiness. A place that aggressively pursue happiness and passionately care for                                                                                         smiles. Care that brings happiness and satisfaction to everyone involved – our children, our families, our                                                                                           educators, and our community.

                                 Methods:      The experiences in early years of a child’s life play a fundamental role in shaping their future as adults. Lessons,                                                                              experiences, and memories of early years remain engraved in our brains long into our later years. The                                                                                                principles  of Belonging, Becoming and Being as emphasised in the Australian EYLF (Early Years Learning                                                                                      Framework) acknowledges the importance of early years’ experiences and offers guidance in creating                                                                                              programs that fulfil developmental needs of children. We draw on this framework to develop tailored learning                                                                              programs for children under our care. Programs that aim to embed values, confidence, and equality in                                                                                            children  from very early stages of their life.

                                                          These play-based programs expose children to the most basic concepts of key knowledge areas often                                                                                              abbreviated as STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Learning through play builds concepts,                                                                              simplifies understanding, and instils confidence in children.

                                                          Equally important and instinctually natural in children are Arts and Music. We place great emphasis in allowing                                                                            children to express their natural creativity through drawing, colouring, painting, singing, dancing, instrument                                                                                playing, and other artistic and musical activities.

                                                          No child development method can be complete without sports. Our range of outdoor activities offer further                                                                                  opportunities for children to explore their inherent talents and be amazed by their achievements.

                               Educators:     Our educators remain committed to our vision of fostering happiness. Our established set of policies and                                                                                        procedures guide them in their day-to-day involvement with children, interactions with families, and                                                                                                engagement with community as a whole.

                                                        We empower our educators to develop tailored learning programs adopting an inclusive strength-based                                                                                        approach that evaluates children’s support requirements and recognise their contributions.

 Continuous Improvement:    We believe in the importance of self-assessment. We therefore closely monitor our practices and introduce                                                                                     improvements where necessary. We also maintain close industry contacts to stay well-informed on emerging                                                                                trends and technology developments.