About GiggleCare

GiggleCare is a boutique value-based service offering exceptional care and first-life learning experiences to our future adults.

At GiggleCare, we know the challenges of parenting. We know the similarities and differences that every child brings. We understand that while every child’s needs vary from one another; love, affection, and learning will always remain their common primary needs. Fulfilling these needs and watching them grow is a privilege that we cherish every moment of the day and every day of the year.

It is this passion that led us to design a care service program for a small group of 20 children, so every child gets the full attention that they deserve. We run this program in premises that from outside has a close resemblance to the quiet residential neighbourhood of East Killara and from inside, offers purpose built care facilities for children to play and explore to their full potential, all under the meticulous care and attention of some very qualified and passionate educators.

Ph: 0430 96 44 01                                                                             Email: info@gigglecare.com.au